Field Trip: GoodWood

1428 U Street, NW
Washington, DC 20009
(202) 986-3640

I can’t remember which little bird told me that GoodWood sold vintage clothing, so I apologize in advance for that. I had never really browsed through the store, mostly because I haven’t been in a place to buy furniture. And if you’re like me, you just LOOK  at furniture and you think you need to have it. But, alas. I rent. I rent a room that is already full of furniture. Sigh.

But I stopped in recently on a very rainy day to see what the deal was. I sort of fell in love, you know. When you see photos from your parents and grandparents generation and note the classic old furniture (that was probably very new at the time), please know that this is the stuff you’ll find at GoodWood. Porcelain sinks! Solid construction! NO PARTICLE BOARD.

And the prices are really not that bad.

The vintage clothing was in the approximate $40-$50 for some quality old-school items, and small furniture items and accessories weren’t over $100. The big pieces are big pieces, and so their slightly large price tags seemed understandable. I mean, if your house looked like you stepped out of the Mad Men set, wouldn’t you want to know your furniture is going to hold up? “Buy this old stuff, it’s going to last forever,” I would like to shout from the cash register.

Here are some photos. This place is gorgeous. Please visit.


Globes. Some of them might feature the USSR.

Lonely suspenders. And maybe me.

Shoes! For ladies.

Old sign!

Airline bag. My heart leaps.

Here is the vintage! Right here!

A lady dress.

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  1. Michelle of Chellbellz

    I have to go here! I kinda like that sign even though I have no idea what it says LOL.

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