Field Trip revisited: PollySue’s

Way back in the wee days of Quarter Life, one of the first shops I visited was PollySue’s—mostly because it was in my place of residence at the time, Takoma Park.

More recently, I received an email from Holli, who has taken over the basement space at PollySue’s and invited me to stop by. It just so happened that I found a morning last week to grab Kaarin, jump in a Zipcar, and head up there. So we did!

Not much to report, but a few quick pics here. PollySue’s still has some of the oldest pieces in the best condition that I’ve seen in the area. And the prices are mighty fine! Holli’s new section looks great and has plenty of affordable summer frocks and separates ready alongside the standard not-so-secret closet under the stairs full of wedding gowns.

Photos under the jump!

Holli's rack of vintage dresses

Summer dresses in almost every color! Do beware of tiny sizes. They’re everywhere!

Holli vintage tag
Holli’s tags in the basement are adorable.

Vintage hats and doo-dads

Hats, patterns, and the occasional baby shoe.

Closet Caucus vintage dress

Kaarin was on the hunt for the perfect special-occasion dress, and this one was definitely our favorite. The dress was delicate, but in wonderful condition. But alas…a smidge too small for even our tiny-waisted friend.

It felt good to be back in Takoma Park, even just for a little while! We shall meet again soon, Roscoe.


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2 responses to “Field Trip revisited: PollySue’s

  1. The pics look great! Keep up the great work!

    Hadn’t heard the story of Roscoe before….really liked this part:

    “Animal Control and some Takoma Park employees tried to capture Roscoe on several occasions, but the fugitive fowl “took them all on” in typical Takoma Park fashion, evading officials with the help of some non-feathered friends, Rubin said.

    “The neighbors would always protect him when the bounty hunters would come to the doors,” Rubin said. “They would say they didn’t see him. I’m not saying there was a conspiracy; the neighbors just winged it.”

  2. Roscoe’s my boy! We never met, but that rooster’s spirit totally lives on in that sleepy, nuclear-free zone of a town.

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