The Styleliner in DC

Styleliner in DC

On my way home from the office the other day I happened across the Styleliner in Dupont Circle! A few snapshots after the jump:


Styleliner accessories

Love the bird bracelet…if only it fit over my big wrist!

Styleliner "racks"

Merch everywhere you look! And when the truck rolls onward, everything gets tucked into closets and drawers for safe-keeping.

Styleliner interior

It’s certainly a unique shopping experience. What’s your take, readers?

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One response to “The Styleliner in DC

  1. This idea is a fresh completely new way to think retail/resale. I saw segment on the Today Show and a light bulb went off- Food Trucks have been wildly successful and heck, my cousin Jimmy has been selling NYC fashions out of his car for 2 generations- The time is ripe for this mobile business. Think outside the box when it comes to selling what you want- my husband and I already secured our domain names across cyberspace and CANNOT wait to design and get out on the road permanently combining our love of photography, writing, connecting and merchandise.

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