Quarter Life offers the finest vintage for every day, from the Beltway and beyond.

Wearing secondhand clothing is more than a way to be frugal; it’s a way of life. Save your budget, save the environment, save your dignity. We can’t do it all at once, but it’s the little things. Really.

Know a shop worth checking out? Find something great and want to brag a little (send a picture!)? For all your burning questions, suggestions, and comments, send an e-mail to quarterlife@quarterlife202.com.


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What’s with the name?

It’s actually about both time and money. The quarter-life “crisis” is a time of transition often filled with nostalgia, which sounds a lot like my vintage-filled closet. The name sprung from a brainstorm about coins (quarters included) and bargain-hunting. And so it goes. And it’s always two words: just Quarter Life.

How long have you been doing this?

Quarter Life was born on Columbus Day weekend in 2009, shortly after I raided the half-price holiday sale at Value Village. I started by blogging about the deals I found and where I found them. The Quarter Life roving vintage shop came about in March 2011 during a job transition (okay, it might have been a crisis).

The Quarter Life blog is now less about local thrift, vintage, and consignment shops and more about what’s happening with the business side of Quarter Life. Snippets from my travels will always be a staple here.

Where do you get your stuff?

All over the place! My favorite place to buy vintage is wherever I’m traveling. I’ll do research about charity shops and flea markets and build serious shopping time into my vacations and business trips.

So…where can I buy all this vintage you’re hoarding?

You’ve got a few options. Check the events page for upcoming pop-up shops are market appearances.  If online shopping is more your thing, you can scope out my Etsy and Storenvy shops. The online shops have similar merch—it’s just a way to offer options for you shoppers in this series of tubes we call home.

I’m looking for something special/particular, but I’m stumped. Can you help?

I’ll try! Send an email to quarterlife at quaterlife202 dot com to let me know what you’re looking for and how quickly you want or need it. I may have something in the Quarter Life studio (which is really a glorified home office), or I may be able to recommend another shop that can help.

I live in DC, are there any perks?

Besides seeing my smiling face out on the street every now and then? Not really. But if you live in one of DC’s fine quadrants, you can have any Quarter Life Etsy item shipped to you for free by using code DCSHIP at checkout. Heck, if you live nearby I might even deliver it to your doorstep.

I have a lot of vintage at home. Will you buy it from me?

Not usually. It all depends on the season and the style of what you have. It’s an awful lot like dating. Feel free to email a few pictures of your best items for consideration, but please note that I don’t take items on consignment. I pay cash, but I may not be able to meet what consignment shops can offer you.

I know a great market/pop-up/circus act you need to get in on. How can I tell you about it?

Just email me: quarterlife at quarterlife202 dot com. I’m always looking for a fun opportunity to share vintage clothing and accessories!

I want to carry more vintage in my store. Can you help?

Let’s talk! I can offer clothing and accessories on wholesale or consignment. Email me at the address above!

I have a fashion magazine/blog/TV show/theater company and we could use some cool vintage for a shoot/taping/show/awesome circus act. Can I borrow some pieces?

Depending on the sizes and eras you seek, I may be able to help! Drop me a line at the address above and tell me about your needs. A refundable deposit may be required when picking up items. You’ll be expected to have professionally cleaned those items worn for more than a few minutes or in extreme weather.

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