Readers and friends frequently ask me where to look for vintage, great deals, or options for selling their clothing. I don’t have all the answers, but here’s a start. Check out the map for options in your neighborhood.

Your fancy map key:
Green: Thrift
Teal: Consignment
Yellow: Vintage
Purple: Secondhand furniture
Red: On my radar, but haven’t visited yet

I still welcome questions of all shapes and sizes, and hope that I can make some great recommendations. But for those last-minute thoughts or casual research, I hope this map can be of service.

Know a shop I’ve got to add? Leave info in the comments!


For a map of thrift, vintage and antique stores that will help theater lovers and prop-seekers in particular, check out Kristen’s Google map.



Want to shop vintage online?

etsy sellers washington dc

Here you'll find a list of Etsy vintage sellers living and working in Washington, D.C. (and its nearby neighbors)


12 responses to “Directory

  1. O.M.G.

    I’m so glad you did this! I started thinking about creating such a thing when I was doing my first year internship (while I was at Howard School of Social Work) at Lutheran Social Services. The social workers were always looking for thrift shops where they could sent birth and foster parents.

    I will blog about this fabulous list this week.

  2. Thanks Susie! I will definitely add suggestions that others might have. I think that sometimes thrift stores are hiding in some of the most unexpected places!

  3. I have two additions for you: Chic to Chic in Gaithersburg (you’ve got the one in Fredrick):

    And Upscale Resale in Rockville:

  4. Oh my gosh! I also completely forgot my favorite place ever: Accessories of Old. They used to be in Bethesda, but moved to Fredrick last year. Andrew, who runs the place is such a sweetheart. They sell vintage notions and jewlery, ribbon, buttons, trims, barettes, still in the original packaging, and a few odds and ends. If you need some proper vintage buttons for a fabulous vintage dress that is missing its buttons, you MUST go there. MUST, MUST, MUST.

    • Great suggestions! I knew about the second Chic to Chic location and about Upscale Resale (that’s mostly furniture, right?), but had no idea about this other store. Sounds fabulous! Thanks for your input. 🙂

      • Upscale Resale is actually mostly clothes. It used to take up several store “fronts” in the plaza where it is located and they took everything so they had tons of furniture. A few years back they down sized to just one store “front” and they don’t have room for furniture anymore. I put “front” in quotes because the way to get in to the store is not to park in front and walk up the stairs, but to park in back and walk right in. 🙂

  5. You’re missing a ton of places, see the list below. Also could you add purple to your key for furniture? It took me a sec to see what you meant. This is a great resource though, thanks for putting it together!

    Places you’re missing (all are walkable or easy to get to via public transit):
    1) Mercedes Bien in Adams Morgan at 2423 18th St NW.

    2) Treasury on 14th Street at 1843 14th St NW:

    3) Dr. K vintage on U Street at 1534 U St NW.

    4) Rock it Again on U Street at 1528 U St NW.

    5) It’s Vintage Darling in Columbia Heights at 3423 14th Street NW.

    6) Nana in Mount Pleasant (though they only have some vintage) at 3068 Mount Pleasant St. NW..

    7) American Rescue Workers Thrift on H Street at 1107 H Street NE.

    8) The Arc Of Montgomery County Thrift Store in Wheaton at 2658 University Blvd W, Silver Spring.

    9) Indian Head Highway Thrift in Oxon Hill at 4800 Indian Head Hwy.

    • Thanks for your additions! When I first made the map I had to exclude some beloved stores because they didn’t exist on Google Maps. But I’ll have to do a review and see if they’ve been added, or see if I can add them myself.

      Thanks again!

  6. Hey! Just saw you featured on Scoutmob today and had to pop over. I had the same idea, but because I shop for more than just clothing for my profession (I’m a properties master in the theatre), I made a map at the beginning of this month for all the weird stores I go. Interns, apprentices, and friends are all constantly asking where I go to find things, and this seemed like the easiest way to share them.
    You can view it here:

    Your map has definitely helped me add some to my list, and is a great resource. I hope mine gives you a few ideas too! Thanks for putting this out there!

  7. Hi! Could you do a separate list of local, but online vintage stores? I of course am biased for because that’s my shop, but I would love to hear about more online vintage shops based in DC!

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